About Us/Contacts

This is the website for Cub Scout Pack 723 from Aloha, Oregon.

The goal is to provide the most up-to-date information that we can regarding our Pack.

Program Leaders

Cubmaster:  Paul Cloutier–Telephone: (503) 591-1381, Email: g.paul.cloutier@usace.army.mil or mrscteaches@yahoo.com
Pack Chair:  Isabel Arroyo

Den Leaders:

  • Tiger Den Leader:  vacant
  • Wolf Den Leader:  Shane Cantrell
  • Bear Den Leader:  Chris Strain
  • Webelos I Den Leader:  Jessica Cloutier
  • Webelos II Den Leader:  Dan Morgan

For specific den leader contact information, please see the appropriate Den page.

Pack Committee

Chairperson:  Isabel Arroyo
Treasurer:  Bonnie Hotchstetler
Secretary:  Kim Peterson
Advancement:  vacant
Popcorn Fundraiser:  Bonnie Hotchstetler
Recruitment:  Chris Strain
Pack Trainer:  Dan Morgan
Summer Camp Chair:  Jessica Cloutier
Summer Events Coordinator:  Tina Costa
Pinewood Derby/Space Derby:  Shane Cantrell
Blue and Gold:  Kim Peterson

Please volunteer for any vacant positions!

Charter Organization:  Aloha Grange 773
Charter Organization Representative:  Nichol Miller

For general website suggestions or inquires, please email: Jessica Cloutier at mrscteaches@yahoo.com.


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